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Reduce Relapse and Provide More Lasting Therapy

Therapy can be challenging, and couples teletherapy can be doubly so. You’re managing a new relationship with two clients simultaneously while guiding them to improve their own - all in real time and across a screen. But what happens when the call ends?

For the first time ever, professionals like you can pair the insight of scientific Gottman assessments with the Gottman Relationship Builder, a tool designed to empower clinicians with Gottman Method content and the ability to share it with your clients.

A New, Powerful Tool Brings a New Level of Engagement

Using clips of actual Gottman demonstrations, powerful clinical exercises, and more, discover how to take couples teletherapy to the next level with a new scientifically based relationship Builder that connects clinicians and clients like never before.

Assign personalized Gottman modules and track their progress at the touch of a button, helping clients practice powerful Gottman Method concepts they learn in therapy long after a session is over.

What do I get with the Gottman Relationship Builder?
  • Unrestricted access to the entire Gottman module library for yourself + the ability to invite couples at $149.00 (71% off!)
  • 13 modules with 35 research-based exercises and 90 exclusive videos to choose from
  • A powerful, easy-to-use tool designed to combine the expertise only you can bring with Gottman library, all via Gottman Connect
  • One complimentary credit to use with your first couple

This preview shows one partner's instructions for the "Dream Catcher" exercise, intended to help couples tackle gridlocked problems.

Choose a perpetually gridlocked problem to work on before you do this exercise from the Perpetual Problems and Gridlock section's Exercise.

Decide who will be the Dream Catcher and who will be the Dream Speaker—later you will switch roles.

When you are the Dream Catcher, all you have to do is read aloud each of the following questions one by one, in the order in which they are written. After you ask a question, the Dream Speaker will do their best to answer it. Be sure to give your partner plenty of time to do so.

Also, it’s important that you not bring up your position on the issue or challenge the speaker’s answer when you are the listener. Just proceed reading aloud each question and listening to your partner’s answers until all the questions have been asked. If you like, you may ask follow-up questions if you are confused by one of your partner’s answers. But be sure your question is only for clarification.

Afterward, it will be time to trade roles.

Here are the questions for the dream catcher to ask:

  1. Do you have any core beliefs, ethics, or values that are part of your position on this issue?
  2. Is there a story behind this for you, or does this relate to your background or childhood history in some way?
  3. Tell me why this is so important to you.
  4. What feelings do you have about this issue?
  5. What would be your ideal dream here?
  6. Is there a deeper purpose or goal in this for you?

Hopefully, you now understand each other’s positions on your issue more fully. It’s a great time now or next time to work together on creating a compromise for your issue.

key concepts
Sample Exercise
Assign with ease

Control what Gottman modules your couple works on and when with a simple-to-use prescription feature.

Personalize your therapy

Send personalized instructions to your couples with each assignment, helping guide them from the comfort of your online portal.

Track their progress

Track your assignment history and monitor the progress of your couples at your discretion, keeping them engaged with reminders.

Save on Gottman content

When you invite your couples to use the Builder via Gottman Connect, they retain access to the entire Gottman module library for over 70% off!

Get Started In Four Simple Steps

Sign up with Gottman Connect

If you haven’t already, start by getting registered with Gottman Connect via a simple, free registration process. While training in the Gottman Method is recommended, it is not required - additional tutorials and resources are available upon account approval.

Activate the Relationship Builder

Once approved, the next step is to activate the Builder for your account from your dashboard. For the promotional price of $149.00, you can purchase the Gottman Builder to use it with your clients.

With your first purchase, you will receive access to the entire Gottman module library, as well as one free credit to use with your first couple. This way, you’ll have access to the modules before you pick which ones to assign to your couples.

Invite your couple

The next step is to invite your first couple to Gottman Connect. Simply provide their names and contact information to get started, use your free credit, and send the invitations. If your couple is already using Gottman Connect, you can begin using the Builder with them by selecting the "Activate" button on their existing record.

Your first couple will be free to invite, so you can use the available credit on your account. Each future use will incur a $149.00 fee per couple, which you can choose to pay yourself and incorporate into your pricing structure, or defer to your couple to pay via the portal. With this purchase, each couple will gain permanent access to the entire Gottman module library (a $520.00 value), as well the Builder.

Build away!

Each partner will receive their own personal invitation via email to complete their profile and login. Once logged-in, they will be able to see specific assignments sent their way and will also be able to access all Gottman modules.

During therapy, you may prescribe and personalize any Gottman module through the Builder, either at home or in session, track your couple’s progress, send automated reminders for them to complete their modules prior to sessions, and more!

Find what works best for you - use the Builder to start working with couples that are still on your waiting list, help couples practice powerful concepts during or outside of therapy, or use it as a tool when therapy scales down to enhance partner communication and prevent relapse.

With the powerful Gottman Relationship Builder, you’ll be able to better provide results that last, helping clients build stronger, more resilient relationships.

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