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The future of relationship assessment is here.

The Gottman Relationship Checkup, created by Drs. John and Julie Gottman and now available to all Clinical Professionals working with couples, automatically scores a relationship’s strengths and challenges and provides specific therapeutic recommendations for intervention.

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Developed from over 40 years of scientific research by Dr. John Gottman, this data-driven relationship assessment tool relies on intensive, detailed, and evidence-based information on why relationships succeed or fail.


Fully HIPAA compliant, the questionnaire consists of 337 questions about friendship, intimacy, emotions, conflict, values, and trust, as well as parenting, housework, finances, individual areas of concern, and more.

Get Started In Four Simple Steps

Sign up with Gottman Connect

The Gottman Relationship Checkup is now available to all clinical professionals working with couples! Getting started is as easy as applying to become an approved Gottman Connect provider via a simple, free registration process. While training in the Gottman Method is highly recommended, it is not required - additional tutorials and resources are be available upon account approval.

Invite your couples

Once approved, the next step is to invite your couples to complete the Gottman questionnaire. The process is simple - start by entering two separate emails, one for each partner, with their respective names.

Next, decide who will pay the $39.00 fee per couple: you can choose to pay yourself and incorporate it into your pricing structure, or defer to them to pay via the portal directly. Each partner will receive their own personal invitation via email to complete their profile. This profile will be associated with their individual responses to the questionnaire, and will be only be accessible by that individual. To ensure privacy, we request that you advise the couple not to share any login information with each other.

Complete the questionnaire

Fully HIPAA compliant, the questionnaire consists of 337 questions about friendship, intimacy, emotions, conflict, values, and trust. It includes questions about parenting, housework, finances, and individual areas of concern.

Each partner completes the online questionnaire independently and you receive the results, recommendations, and reports as soon as they have both submitted their responses.

Review detailed results

You will be notified as soon as both partners have submitted their questionnaires. From your dashboard you will be able to view and download detailed reports that include responses, areas of concern in the relationship, and suggested treatment options. This will prepare you to develop a personalized treatment plan that precisely focuses on the unique needs of each couple. The system includes a detailed report you can provide your couples to help them understand their strengths and challenges and begin their journey to a stronger relationship.

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Dr. Nancy Young
Clinician, Costa Mesa

I’ve seen a lot of innovation over the past 40 years...but this is honestly a revolutionary marriage between the heart and science of couples’ therapy!

Dr. John Crossen, MBA
Clinician, Portland

I enjoy enhanced therapeutic planning by using the innovation of the Couples Report that explains specific strengths and challenges.

Alysha Roll, MSW, LCSW
Clinician, Houston

The couples report is incredibly helpful. My couples seems relieved with the well laid out plan and ready to get to work.

Carrie Cole, M.ED., LPC
Clinician, Houston

I really appreciate being able to see the details of each partner’s questionnaires and the ability to see their answers. The site also offers recommendations about what interventions to use with the couple, which will be very helpful for therapists of all levels of experience.

Saul Stern, LMFT
Clinician, New York

I just received my first Relationship Checkup result today and I think you’ll be happy to hear that it definitely exceeds my expectations, with regard to clarity, accuracy, depth, and detail.

Therese Soudant, LMFT
Clinician, Seattle

My clients had a great experience using the Relationship Checkup and found it very user-friendly. In addition, the automatic scoring and personalized feedback reports are a great time saver. I will never hand score an assessment again.

Jonathan Shippey, M.A., LMFT
Clinician, Louisville

This time-saving resource offers a clear and easily presentable description of each partner's current experience of the relationship, and it also points the way for me as a therapist to tailor an effective course of therapy that is best suited for each particular couple.

Julie Sharon-Wagschal, M.A., LMHC
Psychologist, Amsterdam

The Enhanced Relationship Checkup and The Love Lab together give me a unique and in-depth look into not only how couples think and feel about their relationship, but also what their emotional experience is as they interact. This understanding helps me pinpoint exact areas of a couple's strength or challenge better than was ever possible. It is invaluable in my work with couples.