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All About Conflict Bundle
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Video content: 32 Exclusive Videos
Exercises: 13 Research-Based Exercises
Presenters: Drs. John and Julie Gottman
Language: English (Spanish subtitles available)
Format: Digital/Online
Includes: Dealing with Conflict, Making Up After an Argument
About this bundle

Drs. John and Julie Gottman are excited to introduce a new collection on dealing with conflict from start to finish as part of the Gottman Relationship Coach.

The first program, Dealing with Conflict teaches the basics of communication in conflict. You will learn which of the problems your relationship faces are solvable, and which you may continue to encounter. If any of these perpetual problems have you stuck, the Gottmans can help you get “unstuck” and understand each other’s perspectives. “Dealing with Conflict” helps prepare you for the regular, inevitable moments of friction that are bound to arise in any relationship.

The second program, Making Up After an Argument teaches how to navigate more difficult arguments and the feelings that come along with them. If Dealing with Conflict makes regular communication “smooth sailing”, Making Up After an Argument helps you address rough waters to keep your relationship from capsizing. Often, more serious arguments arise because they touch on values and beliefs one or both of you hold dear. Explore what’s underneath the storm with the game-changing exercises contained in this program.