Gottman Assessment
A virtual relationship evaluation tool for couples.

Ever wonder what’s really going on?

Tired of getting into arguments? Fighting about the same things over and over? Not sure what the problem really is? Or maybe you just want to learn more about the state of your partnership?

The Gottman Assessment, powered by the renowned, research-based Gottman Method, can help you finally understand what’s going on in your relationship - and get you the help you need to improve it.

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Scientific self-assessment
measures five key relationship areas: friendship and intimacy, sex and passion, conflict management, shared meaning, and trust and commitment.
100+ research-based questions
designed to analyze your relationship’s unique strengths and weaknesses
Measure relationship happiness
with an overall relationship satisfaction score

Sanchia R.

Thank you to The Gottman Institute for providing the tools my partner and I needed to create this relationship. We are so grateful.

Madeleine M.

Really good, small, manageable tips to improve relationships.

Janice H.

Absolutely essential to relational health - for all involved.


Me and my hubbs of 33 years are living for the Gottman Institute in this beautiful season of life. It’s amazing how you never stop learning how to make your relationship blossom. I recommend it to everyone who hasn’t stopped learning!

Jeremy H.

I love Gottman’s scientific approach to relationships based on years of studies into relationship successes and failures.

Get Started In Three Simple Steps

Create your profile

Purchase the Gottman Assessment and quickly set up your profile on Gottman Connect. You’ll have the opportunity to invite your partner if you wish to.

Complete the self-assessment

Submit the detailed self-assessment individually using unique logins to ensure privacy. The self-assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete and you can take a break at any time.

View your personalized results

Using your questionnaire and satisfaction score results, the Gottman Assessment will develop an in-depth analysis of your relationship health using Gottman's nine key principles so you can understand areas where you and your partner excel and where you need improvement. The Assessment then suggests tailored programs proven to help you strengthen it.

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