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The Award-Winning
Gottman Method

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Pioneers in relationship therapy

Drs. John and Julie Gottman, pioneers in the development of scientific methods of relationship therapy and Lifetime Achievement Award winners for their decades of research in changing the face of psychotherapy, have developed the Gottman Method, a breakthrough scientific approach to couples therapy.

Based upon decades of research in the Love Lab, the Gottmans have brought the knowledge of research to therapists and the insight of therapists to researchers.

Differentiate your practice

Do you want to see more clients? Have too many clients but not enough hours in a week? Gottman Connect enables professionals around the world who practice couples therapy to now bring the research-based Gottman assessment process into their offices and practices, providing their clients with the latest, technologically advanced clinical methods.

Gottman Connect combines the Gottmans’ science with cutting edge expertise in software, AI, and Machine Learning to democratize proven relationship assessment methods and intervention exercises via smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The Gottman Relationship Checkup

A critical assessment tool for professionals who practice couples therapy, the now-enhanced Gottman Relationship Checkup uses research-based algorithms to generate unique analyses for both the clinician and the couple. Used by the Gottmans and over 10,000 other clinical professionals globally, these reports provide simplified, clinical, personalized overviews and specific treatment recommendations for each couple.


  • Personalized couple and clinician reports that tackle relationship issues at their roots
  • HIPAA Compliant Platform
  • New reassessment feature allows tracking of therapeutic progress over time

The All-New Gottman Relationship Builder

Using clips of actual Gottman demonstrations, powerful clinical exercises, and interactive activities, discover how to take couples teletherapy to the next level with a new scientifically-based Relationship Builder that connects clinicians and clients like never before.

Assign personalized Gottman modules and track their progress at the touch of a button, helping clients practice the powerful Gottman Method concepts learned in therapy, long after their session is over.

Assign with ease

Control what Gottman modules your couple works on and when with a simple-to-use prescription feature.

Personalize your therapy

Send personalized instructions to your couples with each assignment, helping guide them from the comfort of your online portal.

Track their progress

Track your assignment history and monitor the progress of your couples, reducing relapse and keeping them engaged with reminders at your discretion.

Save on Gottman content

When you invite your couples to use the Builder via Gottman Connect, they retain access to the entire Gottman module library for over 70% off!

The Legendary Gottman Love Lab

The Love Lab is the most powerful evidence-based relationship assessment in the world. Affective Software and The Gottman Institute are proud to announce that the legendary Love Lab is now available to qualified clinicians.

Interested in learning about how you can use the Love Lab in your practice to help diagnose the most complex relationship challenges? Click below to learn more and apply.

I’ve seen a lot of innovation over the past 40 years...but this is honestly a revolutionary marriage between the heart and science of couples’ therapy!

Dr. Nancy Young
Clinician, Costa Mesa

I enjoy enhanced therapeutic planning by using the innovation of the Couples Report that explains specific strengths and challenges.

Dr. John Crossen, MBA
Clinician, Portland

The couples report is incredibly helpful. My couples seems relieved with the well laid out plan and ready to get to work.

Alysha Roll, MSW, LCSW
Clinician, Houston

I really appreciate being able to see the details of each partner’s questionnaires and the ability to see their answers. The site also offers recommendations about what interventions to use with the couple, which will be very helpful for therapists of all levels of experience.

Carrie Cole, M.ED., LPC
Clinician, Houston

I just received my first Relationship Checkup result today and I think you’ll be happy to hear that it definitely exceeds my expectations, with regard to clarity, accuracy, depth, and detail.

Saul Stern, LMFT
Clinician, New York

My clients had a great experience using the Relationship Checkup and found it very user-friendly. In addition, the automatic scoring and personalized feedback reports are a great time saver. I will never hand score an assessment again.

Therese Soudant, LMFT
Clinician, Seattle

This time-saving resource offers a clear and easily presentable description of each partner's current experience of the relationship, and it also points the way for me as a therapist to tailor an effective course of therapy that is best suited for each particular couple.

Jonathan Shippey, M.A., LMFT
Clinician, Louisville

The Enhanced Relationship Checkup and The Love Lab together give me a unique and in-depth look into not only how couples think and feel about their relationship, but also what their emotional experience is as they interact. This understanding helps me pinpoint exact areas of a couple's strength or challenge better than was ever possible. It is invaluable in my work with couples.

Julie Sharon-Wagschal, M.A., LMHC
Psychologist, Amsterdam

The Builder has been a great resource and the perfect tool. As an example, I have an older couple who are down to sessions every 4 to 6 weeks. At this point, they are in maintenance mode. The Builder gives them something to take hold of and use themselves. They use the Builder in different ways to deepen what they learned when we were meeting for weekly sessions. Sometimes, they use it for date nights and bonding time. They love it. It’s been great! Makes my job a lot easier.

Terri Ammirati, M.A., LCPC
Clinician, Illinois

I recommend the Builder and am confident in the work assignments. One client is so enthusiastic that they went ahead of the Repair Work assignment. They came to the session with language and a process-building in their relationship. Another couple received the assignment to do the Stress-Reducing Conversation, and they progressed using a Rituals of Connection conversation. I created a goal assignment to move between the two seamlessly. Looking forward to seeing how the conversation progresses!

Mike Fidler, MSW, RSW
Clinician, Ontario

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